Video: Rhona Macfarlane “July Rain”

Photo credit: Rosie Sco

Rhona Macfarlane has spent her life steeped in music and song.  Throughout her childhood, she was surrounded by her Grandmother’s Gaelic songs and the sounds of her family playing piano, violin, guitar, bagpipes or clarsach while the likes of Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell could be heard on the record player.  Later, her studies at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland introduced more classical influences and her fascination with songwriting grew.  The multi-talented Macfarlane is a singer, songwriter, arranger and violinist.

Her last EP, ‘Closing the Window’, was released in 2021.  The songs were intimate reflections, created during the solitude of the pandemic.  Now, the Scottish songwriter returns with the delightfully melodic ‘July Rain’.   Woozy bass and a gentle strum are the foundation for Macfarlane’s beautiful voice, which winds its way through a tranquil tune.

Macfarlane says of the song: “I wanted this song to capture the feeling of being carefree. The song explores the more positive moments of embracing the chaos of life and being truly present in the moment. It is about spontaneity and the exhilaration of embracing life’s unexpected twists and turns – finding beauty and happiness in the simple pleasures of being together, even when the weather doesn’t go as planned.  It is a testament to the power of love to transcend time and circumstance, and the ability to find beauty in life’s most unexpected moments. It’s a reminder to cherish the simple joys and savour the magic of being alive.”  These themes are expressed through the song with an engaging charm and this could be a quiet soundtrack to your summer days.  She sings: “Summer’s a state of mind // Because the sun don’t come here // Don’t you know it’s always raining.”  We are, of course hoping for a little sunshine this summer.  But rain or shine, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this.

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