Jerry Leger “Nothing Pressing”

Latent Records, 2022

Toronto artist serves up his lockdown songs – a treat for the ears.

Nothing Pressing Jerry Leger artworkAnd so it is that this soulful and in some cases urgent record seeps into the listeners consciousness. Alternating between stark solo affairs, rootsy band escapades and lo-fi demolike tracks Leger paints pictures that more often than not have a steep of melancholy to them. ‘Rescue Revisions’ has Crazy Horse in its DNA as the pedal steel floats over the crunchy riff. The title track has a keening vocal over a seemingly laid back sentiment that belies the urgency of the stark, solo acoustic guitar. ‘Wait a Little Longer’ is another Young style track track circa Comes A Time with the delightful backing harmonies and the guitar solo is an almost direct lift.

Much stronger is ‘Still Patience‘ another sparse Micheal Timmin’s production (it is the Cowboy Junkies’ label), as the title track, just guitar and splashes of organ floating in space. Leger has real pathos in these intimate pieces and they have a power. His vocal is clear but hurting as the lyrics reflect his pain.

The lo-fi demos ‘Underground Blues‘ and ‘Sinking In‘ confirm the influences of Dylan and Young again and make for a complete picture of an artist harking back to his sources, respectfully but with added creativity.

A grower and one well worth your time.


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[…] album, his eleventh, ‘Nothing Pressing‘ (produced by Michael Timmins), was described by Keith Hargreaves as “a treat for the […]