Josh Ritter “Honey I Do” – You Are Not Alone

Photo: Sam Kassirer

Honey I Do‘ is the latest single to be released in advance of the the new album ‘Spectral Lines‘ which will be released on April 28th via Thirty Tigers.  ‘Honey I Do‘ is full of all we’ve come to expect from Ritter – real smart lyrics with a twisty-turny accompaniment which takes the listener in all sorts of unexpected directions.  We are signed up members of the Josh Ritter fan club.

The man himself tells that the song is “less a confession than a signal sent outwards. It’s so easy to feel insignificant and down and unlovable; so easy to believe that no one will ever love us again. I’ve felt that way before, and it’s important enough to me to share it. Maybe someone else has, too. There! We’re not alone anymore.

Josh Ritter has a short solo European tour in April – and there are two UK dates.  This is a man who can sell out The Barbican Main Hall with ease, so of course we can only describe Bush Hall on the 18th as “intimate” and that makes St Pancras Old Church on the 19th  down-right up close and personal.  There may be difficulty getting tickets for these gigs – but surely, surely, surely larger venues will appear again on a future tour.   He is, after all, launching a full band tour back in the States in May.  All good things, they say, come to those who stand and wait – and Josh Ritter is undeniably a good thing.

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I’m a big fan (since Radio Days). These gigs sold out in a minute. I tried at 10, they were sold out at 10.01.