Judy Collins on Stills – and on touring their new album

Few people receive such a dramatic call to say “can’t we just get back together?” – for Judy Collins it was the stunning Suite: Judy Blue Eyes on the debut Crosby Stills and Nash album.  Of course this plea from Stephen Stills didn’t work – as Judy Collins explains in an interview in The Guardian (here) that you may have missed (we did!).  Judy Collins was not to be swayed, she says that she told Stills that it was “such a beautiful song, but it’s not winning me back”.

They did, however, remain friends – when Stills wrote So Begins The Task about his moving on from the relationship Collins covered it on her next album.  This friendship has led to their recent duo album Everybody Knows which is credited as a Stills & Collins album – well, CS just looks odd without that pesky N – and a current tour in the USA.  Which means – with a recent Crosby album and Neil’s Hitchhiker finally appearing it really is time for Nash to follow up This Path Tonight.  Or get back together with the guys (although, apparently, that’s still never happening).

And as a bonus – here’s Collins, Stills & Nash….from a few years back.


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