Kassi Valazza “Watching Planes Go By” – stand still at your own peril

UNCUT may have called Kassi Valazza’s new album ‘Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing‘ a “slow-burning mix of Americana and Paisley Underground psych”, in fact there’s no “may” about it.  They did call it just that.  We beg to differ.  Listen to these words: “Ego trips like sunken ships washed ashore / Salted galleons bold and brass you can’t ignore” and hook them up with the folk sensibility of a song that’s also shot through with powerful guitar which, right up until we’re corrected, we are going to lay at the door of Jay Cobb Anderson lead guitarist for TK & The Holy Know-Nothings who just happen to be Kassi Valazza’s backing band.  Jaw dropping lyrics, a real folk sensibility and chiming fuzzed blistering guitar – and, people of all persuasions, a lead singer with a voice to die for.  Who does that really make you think of, other than Jefferson Airplane around the time of ‘Surrealistic Pillow‘ or ‘Volunteers‘ ?  Yes, yes, yes – of course Kassi Valazza is a very different singer to Grace Slick, but it’s the feel.  And the feel is glorious.  Glorious.  And a third time – glorious.

Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing‘ is released on Loose on May 26th, and no matter how hard you try you will not be first in the queue to be demanding it from the music-freaks that staff that friendly local record store.  No, you’ll have to wait in line – because we’re going to be first.

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Yes, the lead guitars on the track are actually a dance of Jay Cobb Anderson and Taylor Kingman playing leads together. The entire track cut live!