Lana Nauphal “Is It Raining In California?” – the rain it rains most every day

Photo: Ada Chen

What is it about rain?  For creatures that are 90% water we do seem to have a bit of a downer on water when it falls as droplets under gravity.  It’s often a metaphor for “things not going so great” and today’s song does tap into that somewhat.  ‘Is It Raining In California?’  finds New York City’s Lana Nauphal pondering on love and separation, to a weeping and woozy accompaniment.

Lana Nauphal wrote this song during a very stormy summer spent in Washington, D.C. as she explains: “Summers there are so hot and humid, the pressure builds until it breaks into raging storms – storms which mirrored my state of mind.  ‘Is It Raining in California?’ is about the messy middle part of getting over someone, when you’re still yearning for them but don’t want to be – you ask if it’s raining where they are, however unlikely that may be, in the hopes that you still might be sharing something.”

Is It Raining In California?’  is the second single from Lana Nauphal’s debut album ‘Wildland‘ which is out on May 24th.

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