Lavinia Blackwall “Morning To Remember” – ah, the joys of Suburbia

The protagonist of Lavinia Blackwall’s latest single ‘Morning To Remember‘ can be found stumbling through a life so incredibly hum-drum that all there is to do is dream of something better.  It sounds like she might be…ahem…self-medicating as well in order to not have a head that explodes from terminal boredom.  We’re trying to relate, it’s tricky, but we’re trying.  Lavinia Blackwall has said of the song: “‘Morning to Remember’ is a song all about escape, escaping the mundanity of a suburban existence, escaping loss and memories and imagining a life where you could rise above it all and find contentment in the stars.”

Blackwall’s work with prolific Glaswegian psych-folk outfit Trembling Bells earned her a reputation as one of the best voices in the scene, many critics have likened her singing prowess to that of Fairport Convention singer Sandy Denny. Along with Trembling Bells she has released seven full-length albums and performed as the backing band to folk legends Bonnie Prince Billy and The Incredible String Band’s Mike Herron. In 2020 she released ‘Muggington Lane End’, her debut solo album released under her own name. In 2021, she and Laura J Martin released ‘Wyndow,’ the debut self-titled album from their new psychedelic-pop project.  ‘Morning To Remember‘ is taken from her second solo album to be released later this year.

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