Left Vessel “Your Winter” – Organic music for heart and soul

Photo: Elisa Terrazas Campbell

Organic music?  Some kind of hippie crap?  No – not at all, it’s the use of found natural sounds that are woven into delicate folk tunes to give an enhanced audio experience.  That’s what Nick Byron Campbell was aiming for on his new album ‘One (and Driftless)‘ recorded under the Left Vessel name.   This is the first release under the Left Vessel band name but Campbell is a veteran of many bands, including Arizona – which has toured with the likes of the Indigo Girls and Band of Horses.

To be honest what we really thought would be a catch was an allusion to winter made during the hottest days of the year.  Bu this also make sense as Nick told us:  “My grandmother was going through a period of decline late in her life, while I was going through transformations that were pointing me in a new, positive direction. We really bonded during this time as we were both going through breakups, while both living in Los Angeles (my grandmother moved there late in life to be with her college sweetheart). This song helped me emotionally work through the idea of two people bonding while heading in such incredibly different directions: one towards life’s end, the other towards a whole new era of life ahead.


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