Loudon Wainwright III “Town & Country” heading back from the country

Photo: Shervin Lainez

It’s Loudon Wainwright in full band mode on this new song from his latest album ‘Lifetime Achievement‘ which is out on August 19th.  Its his 31st studio album.  There’s a few compilations, demo collections, live albums (natch) to add on top of that.  Says Wainwright, “I remember when I made my first record for Atlantic in 1969. I was always saying, ‘I want it to be a record – not only a recording, but a document that captures a moment.’ I was 21 and very serious, and I thought I’d be dead in four years (laughs). So I wanted to make something that would last. A testament. Now, fifty years later, I guess I still want to make a testament. I want to write a group of songs and get them down in the best possible way. And I like to think they might last a while.”

There’s certainly a testament to our times on ‘Town & Country‘ which celebrates a return to the crowded life, an embracing of life amongst the restaurants, the addicts and the literal rats.  At least it’s better than being isolated in the country, isn’t it?  Well, isn’t it?

This is Loudon at full power – and that’s a sound that it’s easy to welcome back.  And he’s got a UK tour in September.  Re-arranged from a couple of years ago due to Covid (natch), but you might get lucky and snag a ticket.

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