Lucero “Should’ve Learned By Now”

Thirty Tigers, 2023

On ‘Should’ve Learned By Now,’ Lucero show us that they’re au contraire, they’re masters of their craft.

Maybe it is not exactly clear what Lucero means by naming their latest album ‘Should’ve Learned By Now,’ but as far as the music they want to present here, they’ve definitely learned what needs to be done to make good music, and more.

It’s not only because this is the band’s 12th album, or because they’ve been around since the late nineties. Mastering a sound that uses as its base a cross of essential Southern rock exemplified by the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Marshall Tucker Band (less the woodwinds) and here heard in tracks like ‘Macon If We Make It,’ where their quality of guitar playing shines and keyboard fills do exactly what needs to be done to make the sound rich and full – this is an art in itself. And it is an art that you also have to feel, not only know.

Elsewhere, like on ‘She Leads Me’ Lucero adds touches of The Band at their prime or Southern soul like on ‘Drunken Moon,’ making their sound even more diversified and rich, showing exactly what the tag Memphis roots means exactly.

Closing the album, ‘Time To Go Home’ brings in that complete sense and sound of roots music, leaving the doors wide open for Lucero to bring even more new musical elements into their rich brew. In essence, on ‘Should’ve Learned By Now,’ Lucero show us that they’ve learned their craft well, thank you very much, and that they’ve left ample room for bringing in new tricks to make them sound even better.


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