M. Ward “New Kerrang” – let’s make a new noise, it’s a metaphor

Photo: Jacob Boll

Kerrang?  What that heavy metal mag’?  Wow, that’s a blast from the past!  What’s that?  It’s still going?  Wow – good for them, that’s an achievement in the modern print media world.  So M. Ward has a new song out that celebrates hard rock journalism?  No.  Oh, forget it, play the song and let’s work it out man.

New Kerrang‘ is an upbeat mash-up of styles that celebrates taking new directions in the pursuit of something better, ostensibly within music, but hey, that’s an attitude that can be applied to a wide range of situations.  Except for love, as hinted at by “if this is love / then it’s not like drums / And it’s something you just gotta / zip it up and throw it away.”  Not always the case though.

New Kerrang’ is the second single from M. Ward’s new album ‘Supernatural Thing,’ which will be released on 23rd June.  M. Ward commented on the single that “‘New Kerrang’, [is] a song about a drummer facing a crisis of faith in her sound.  It’s inspired by used-bin Ray Davies records and by all the musicians I know who are chasing perfection by following whatever sound is crashing around in their head.”  So there you have it.

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