Mick Fury “State Of The Union” – what kind of state of mind is your state in?

Mick Fury’s new album ‘1981-1996′ takes a not-too-happy look at the times we live in from the perspective of those who came of age at the turn of the century.  Millenials.  Everything is their fault, isn’t it?  They caused climate change – not.  They wrecked the economy – not.  They’d all be fine, the album’s introduction posits, if they’d just stop eating avocados.  Because it’s being vegan that makes one poor – didn’t you know, isn’t it obvious, haven’t you heard this all before and will hear it again from an obsessed right-wing media?

So this is what the current single ‘State of the Union‘ addresses head-on, as Mick Fury describes how the American Dream has disappeared under the weight of student loans, unreasonable job qualifications, financial crashes, and more.   As Mick Fury says: “All I ever hear is how we’re lazy, we get participation trophies, and we can’t afford houses because we eat too much avocado toast.  We’re the most open-minded, hard-working-for-beans, thoughtful generation yet, and we’ve watched the American Dream be snatched away from us like bullies taking a kid’s lunch money.

Here’s the album’s “prologue” to set the scene, and then there’s the song itself.  Be warned – that prologue is full of objectional opinions and is a bit sweary.  But it all sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it?  Don’t be distracted by the bullshit – it’s zero-hours contracts, wage stagnation, a manufactured housing crisis, and food banks we should be discussing, not whether someone drinks an almond milk latte.

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