Video: Black Deer Festival – The Teskey Brothers

Today’s video highlights another band that will be lighting up the Black Deer Festival this weekend.  The Teskey Brothers produce an authentic roots sound, soulful songs full of warmth and character.  ‘Remember the Time’ is a fine example of their songcraft and Josh Teskey’s ability to deliver a timeless vocal performance.  Lyrically and sonically, the song is full of wistful nostalgia: “Said I can’t help but remember the time, // When I first took your hands in mine, // Oh we were in love that day, we were in love that day.”  The message is direct and unself-conscious and all the better for it.  The video, directed by Jimmi James Wright, combines footage of the band recording, performing and just having a damn fine time.  It’s a fitting accompaniment for an upbeat song that sways and soars and makes us want to move.

It’s a great time to check out this single and catch the Australian brothers live as their new album is released today, 16th June 2023.  This is the third single from ‘The Winding Way’, following up ‘This Will Be Our Year’ and ‘Oceans of Emotions’, and the new record promises to be an uplifting collection that will hook in new listeners.  The brothers have a knack for creating songs that are fresh and yet already sound familiar and like much-loved favourites.  Look out for The Teskey Brothers on Saturday 17th June at Black Deer Festival.  These sounds were made for dancing and singing along to, made for wowing crowds at live shows and made for sunny evenings at summer festivals.  Check it out.

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