New single from Heidi Talbot features Mark Knopfler, album date announced

Heidi Talbot has announced their latest album, ‘Sing it For a Lifetime‘, will be released on 20th May. This, her eighth album, comes after the 2020 co-written album with Matt Rollins’ Mosaic‘. The album was written in the studio she formerly shared with folk artist John McCusker with producer and fiddler player Dirk Powell. ‘Sing it For a Lifetime‘ includes the single ‘Empty Promise Land’, a duet with Appalachian fiddle player Dirk Powell that features guitar work from the legendary Mark Knopfler. It also contains two covers of country songs: Willie Nelson’s 1989 track ‘There You Are‘, its synths replaced with Knopfler’s guitar, and a softer version of Dolly Parton’s 1970 song ‘When Possession Gets Too Strong‘.
The album is the first since her divorce from her musical partner and husband McCusker, and the music and process explored this. On this new endeavour, she says, “Not to have that person there, for good and for bad, was a big jolt, it was freeing, it was also terrifying. I had to man up – woman up – and ask myself what I really thought, stand by my choices. It really forced me to work on my own and examine my own music. I wanted to make a totally different kind of record. I can’t make the same type of record without John.“.
No preorders are being taken online, but check with your local record shops.
Talbot is touring, and information about upcoming performances and tickets can be found on the artist’s website.

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