Nora Jane Struthers “Is It Hope” – fingers-crossed

Photo: Bree Marie Fish

Is It Hope‘ comes from Nora Jane Struthers’ new album ‘Back To Cast Iron‘ and it encapsulates the twin themes of the album – the balancing of two contrasting dreams, that of a family and a career in music.  ‘Is It Hope‘ is full of references to real experiences, as it was written in isolation in 2021 when Nora Jane Struthers was two months shy of giving birth to her son and already had a two year old daughter at home.  It’s a time when, quite naturally, family would rally around and help ease the load – except for that slight global pandemic and the heretofore referred to nationwide isolation measures.   A glimmer of hope was given by a Presidential announcement as Nora Jane recalls: “I remember so vividly hearing President Biden say that by July 4th he believed we would be able to safely gather with our families.  This hope glimmered on the horizon like a sunrise over the ocean for me.”

Is It Hope‘ grasps at that glimmer for a more golden future, building from a questioning country acoustic opener to a full-on rocker as hope hoves into view.

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