Peter James Millson “The Red Café” (Ind, 2016)

Peter james Millson, 2016An album of late night laments, jazz infusions and electronic flourishes reminds me of the late Colin Vearncombe, ABC and David Sylvian.  It does feel a little like a 80/90’s pop star making a ‘grown up’ record, and it is difficult to place in any genre, which is a relief.  A really believed in record, top production, check out ‘Dreams Take Flight’ glockenspiel. Millson is not a name I know, but this is a terrifically solid calling card, and would be a great house concert type gig, it’s a very close, intimate record.  He has a great lyric up his sleeve; “everybody has a hook on their line” and “I live in hope and it’s a small town” – it is a late night, second glass record, best savoured, enjoyed in a single sitting.

Not sure who it is really for, or what it adds to music, but I’m glad it was made, we all need to feel classy and add some refinement to our arsenal.  As Millson says “none of this is my life anymore”, but time spent in The Red Café, you’ll be aching to get a little of it back.



A café to give you a central perk.

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