Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers “Baba Vanga” – Listen

Oh my goodness – what is Phoebe Hunt doing to country on her new album ‘Neither One of US is Wrong‘?  Or, put it another way, what is Phoebe Hunt not doing to country on her new album ‘Neither One of US is Wrong‘?  For, within what is still a recognisable structure, Phoebe Hunt and the loose coalition of musicians that make up The Gatherers take paths rarely trodden into what can only be identified as that rarely heard thing, the true Cosmic American Music.

The original concept for ‘Neither One of Us Is Wrong‘ was to write a bunch of campfire songs that everyone could jam to.  That concept didn’t survive contact with the densely and delicately layered music that was being recorded.  Today’s song is a point in case, evolving out of an extended jam session which left Hunt compelled to capture her thoughts on ‘Baba Vanga’, a Bulgarian Clairvoyant and Herbalist from around the turn of the nineteenth century who suffered great loneliness and misfortune.  The song hooks into the language of the blind seer’s prophecies combining portentous lyrics with a melodic lamentation

The album isn’t due until next April, so enjoy this teaser and be assured that there are equal – and greater – treasures to come.

Photo by Evan Felts.

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Baba Vanga

Thank you very much for popularizing Baba Vanga! She was an extraordinary phenomenon – a world-renowned prophetess, natural healer, and spiritual guru. Baba Vanga helped over 1 million people with various needs during her lifetime, and was one of the most respected people not only in Bulgaria but also throughout the world.

We have spent our time to fully dedicate a blog on Baba Vanga that can be visited at

We have published interviews and authentic stories from well known Bulgarian and World scientists, artists, poets, musicians, politicians, athletes, etc. who had a personal meeting with Baba Vanga back in the 70-ties, 80-ties, and 90-ties.

All of the information on our blog has been sourced only from highly authoritative sources including excerpts from national newspapers, books, magazines, and websites.