Pick of the Political Pops: Borns “It’s My Party”

Political anoraks amongst our readership will, like us, have been glued to our TVs recently taking in all of the rich drama and nerve-tingling excitement that is party conference season. Or maybe not. These things tend to be back-slapping, self-congratulatory things custom made for the soundbite generation and thin on actual content. Hell, most of the ‘announcements’ are pre-published to the media so we don’t even get the sharp in takes of breath when something monumental (or even mildly interesting) pops up.

That said The Blues conference last year and in particular PM Terry Might’s car crash key note speech was worth a schadenfreude giggle. It couldn’t possibly be topped this year, surely? Hmmm… We all know that PM Terry Might can’t dance (I mean there are many things that she can’t do like conduct a satisfactory once-in-a-generation, life-changing-for-all negotiation with our closest allies or just simply govern the country satisfactorily) so who thought it would be a good idea to have her skip along to an Abba tune, even if that was supposed to be ironic? And then, just moments before, some previously unheard of dark-suited MP submits the dreaded letter of no confidence and usual suspects Boz The Turk, Rees Moggy Mogg and David David Davids all do their very best to undermine their glorious leader. These are not The Blues of old where Ignorance was Strength, Freedom was Slavery and War was Peace. It’s gone beyond even that, bizarrely. We can’t help thinking that it will all end it tears…

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