Pick of the Political Pops: Josh Turner “Why Don’t We Just Dance”

The Editor, in his infinite wisdom, suggested that this week we don’t go with a Brexit themed Political Pops. Eagle-eyed viewers will understand that we didn’t go with this last week and that the majority of ‘Political Pops’ aren’t solely focussed on the most important political decisions facing our people since world War Two. That said, it’s quite difficult to ignore.

So, as we understand it, PM Terry Might of The Blues said to Opposing JC of The Reds “Come Dancing”. Then JC of The Reds said “Only if you play the right tunes” to which Terry Might of The Blues said: “It’s my way or The Ventura Highway”. To which JC of The Reds said “Look – just put tunes by America off the table (given that AOR isn’t really a recognised genre in the 21st Century) in order that we can focus on cutting edge issues..like ‘Grime music’.”  To which Terry Might said: “Ha – it’s funny you should say that, you dirty little man” To which JC (red) said: “I fucking give up. Go and watch that BBC documentary on BBC iPlayer about Hugo Chavez.”

And then, unaccountably, they decided to come together in a spirit of shared destiny in which the future of the country and all of its citizens came first. Not.

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