Jennah Bell “Another Lousiana” – Listen

Another Lousiana‘ is a classically beautiful folk tinged singer-songwriter confessional from Jennah Bell.  It’s the lead single from her upcoming in February album ‘ Anchors & Elephants‘.  There’s a lot more we could say, but then there wouldn’t be room for this typically grumpy story about Paul Simon.  See, Jennah Bell won a contest to play a tune for Simon.  Wow! Dream come true! Except he spent the first twenty minutes on a lecture on how to tune her guitar.  And he hated the song.   The good part is how Bell turned this around “what I took away from that whole experience wasn’t so much of what he said, but rather what I did as a result: I kept moving. That was paralyzing at the time. I haven’t played the song since. That part of it was kind of traumatizing, but ultimately, I got better at guitar.

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