Pick of the Political Pops: Kellis “Caught Out There”

Oh its all very free and easy down here at Americana-Uk Towers. Given the fact that its cold out we’ve turned the central heating up a notch or two and directed the main blast down to The Bunker so that we can (ironically) chill out in comfort whilst observing the madness of the world over a small beverage. Or a large one _delete as appropriate_ depending on one’s preference. We found it quite funny that The Leader of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition has been accused, in certain quarters, of being what we must understand is a ‘traitor’. A crime which the red-headed Tory broadcaster Andrew Neil rightly pointed out would have held the death penalty. We can only assume that some people are very, very scared and as we all know fear breeds anger. And anger breeds hate. We took it in turns to impersonate the Paul Dacre response but could do no better than this:


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