Pick of the Political Pops: R. Stevie Moore “Conflict of Interest”

We have little time for fossil fuels here at Americana-UK Towers. The entire roof is covered in solar panels and the former stable block now houses the wind turbine. And as stated last week we are fond of recycling (indeed now that all submissions to our site are now digital we don’t have to turn all those CDs into bird scarers in the gardens). We were somewhat surprised recently when those anti-fracking protestors were sent down for over a year for sitting on the tops of some lorries because they didn’t like the idea of mining company Cuadrilla causing potential environmental damage in Lancashire. It seems the Court of Appeal were somewhat surprised also because the men involved were freed by it because the convictions (the first for environmental protests since 1932) and the punishments were “manifestly excessive”. The beak in the original case, one Judge Robert Altham, has a father and sister who run J C Altham and Sons a company which it is said are part of the supply chain to Centrica, the energy company who have invested millions of pounds in fracking. Hmmm…


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