Rainbow Girls “Road Must Roll” – Nightfall’s a coming baby

Press picture roars attitude, the new release is the ‘Rolling Dumpster Fire EP‘, and one could be forgiven for thinking that Rainbow Girls are going to be gutsy rockers who take no prisoners.  Not so.  Think gorgeous harmonies and sweet melodies.  But wait!  Is this lovely floating folk song not about the end of the world as we know it?

And there’s the conundrum that is Rainbow Girls – the difficult message in the easy to listen to song.  Rainbow Girls’ Caitlin Gowdey says of the song that it’s inspiration is “You know, just your classic end of the world song. It’s got it all! Including maybe more sci-fi references than any self-respecting song should have? Named after ‘The Roads Must Roll’ by Robert Heinlein, but kinda mostly inspired by the short story ‘Nightfall’ by Isaac Asimov, which is about a planet experiencing the coming of darkness for the first time. It’s about our dependence on technology, the end of a relationship, newsrooms, the disintegration of rural towns, planned obsolescence, and big sexy robots with lusty lasers.

So there you have it – Science Fiction inspired, name checking hard SF supremo and also counter culture icon Heinlein as well as the genial giant Asimov himself.  Does that make Rainbow Girls the folk Hawkwind?  Maybe.  Maybe it does.

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