Video: Luke Sital-Singh “Blind Missiles”

Photo credit: Andrew Paynter

It’s Luke Sital-Singh, so you know that the music will be high quality and the video will be a piece of art in itself.  The British singer-songwriter is now based in LA and this feeling of being out-of-place had a powerful influence on ‘Blind Missiles’, which was co-written with fellow-Brit Dan Croll.  Sital-Singh explains: “It is a song about polarization, feeling tired with the constant attacks from one group to another and the lack of empathy and understanding, and feeling at odds with the world around me as a Brit living in the US, feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from US politics, confused as to where I fit in the picture.”  As with previous releases from Sital-Singh, ‘Blind Missiles’ is a gently melodic, highly reflective song and his voice is as delicately beautiful as ever.  He is never afraid to tackle challenging emotional subjects and this focuses on isolation and a search for empathy in an increasingly divided and judgemental world.

The accompanying video is brilliantly cinematic and beautifully shot in and around the North Californian towns of Auburn and Colfax, which were devastated by wildfire recently.  We find Sital-Singh living in LA in 2035, alone in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world.  There’s a pervading sense of loss and disconnection, which is transformed when he finds a dog.  Joey Katches’ direction is superb and this has the feel of a short movie.  He says: “I live in Auburn, and there were some evacuations in Auburn. The fire destroyed a lot of land and houses in Colfax, where my folks live. Their house was burned down within 40 minutes of the fire starting.  As human beings, we are inherently built for relationships. The concept came from the idea of life being fragile. At times people come along to help one another, yet we fire ‘blind missiles’ at one another to tear each other down. But we didn’t want it all doom and gloom. There’s a glimmer of hope with Maisey (an incredibly adorable dog).  The video is about the fallout of broken relationships. Without companionship, life is lonely and painful.”

‘Blind Missiles’ is Sital-Singh’s first release under his new label, Nettwerk Records, and his first since the outstanding collaboration with Old Sea Brigade, ‘All the Ways You Sing in the Dark’.  It’s also the opening single from Sital-Singh’s forthcoming new record, of which we’ll find out more soon.  Check it out.

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