Rainbrother have a new album, and we have their video premiere

The second full-length release from Danish band Rainbrother will be hitting the streets on March 29th 2019.  It’s called ‘Island‘ and was recorded on an old farm with producer Kennie Takahashi.  ‘Island‘ sees Rainbrother continue the development of their sound – mixing distinctive vocal harmonies reminiscent of Fleet Foxes while the band’s acoustic/electric experimentation have nods to the like of early Pink Floyd.  The metaphorical titular ‘Island’ refers to withdrawing from the digital noise of the physical world, taking stock of what’s important and choosing to spend more time with the people that you really care for.

The first single is ‘The Master‘, and we’re glad to see that we have the premiere of the video for this song.  It’s a strange and eerie accompaniment to a discordant song which eases along at a languid pace.  The video director Jesper Helbo says that “as the costumes was laid out one by one, with their own separate colour scheme and identity, I felt eager and excited to bring them all to life. Slowly they came to be, engulfed by the hauntingly beautiful woods; Fire, Water, Earth and Metal. Separate but united, and slowly walking along an invisible path towards a mysterious destination. Each of them in a quiet conversation with “The Master” pushing them up and down, left and right, and with increasing force to the point of no return.” 

Fronted by songwriter Bjarke Bendtsen, the five-piece have toured their native Denmark and the UK, the band have appeared at Bestival, SPOT Festival and SXSW – where in fact the band made the news on the BBC and CNN for an immigration debacle involving their front man Bjarke. When he was denied entry, they had to improvise and they used a pre-taped performance from him projected on a screen behind a drummer while they played their parts in sync.

Rainbrother have a couple of UK dates coming up in April, when they’ll play The Finsbury in London on the 8th, and Music Bar in Brighton on the 9th.

So – now for that video premiere!

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