RISO “Closer” – Parting is such sweet sorrow

Photo: Aubreigh Brunschwig

RISO is the folk band of Matt Rolland and Rebekah Sandoval Rolland, and you’ll recall regular reader, that we were quite complimentary about Rebekah Rolland’s 2018 release ‘Seed & Silo‘.  And the family band, whilst very different in style, has those same features of musical excellence and truly lovely vocals.

Matt and Rebekah have known each other since they were children, meeting through the Arizona State Fiddle Contest, which Rebekah’s grandfather organized for many years.  When they both ended up at the University of Arizona, they started a band, and the rest, as they say is history.  RISO is the project that most fully involves them both bringing in influences from both sides – Matt leaning into the Shins and Iron and Wine whilst Rebekah has had a decades long affection for Crooked Still.

Closer‘ is a personal song that touches on the tensions of life as musicians on the road, and not always together – an arrangement both knew pre-pandemic and which looms on the horizon again as restrictions ease. Emotionally it’s not a fully joyous return, as Rebekah explains: “It’s been interesting to reflect on the freedom at this time in our lives in every way imaginable. We had the freedom to move from place to place, which we took for granted then, but which was impossible when the world was on lockdown during the pandemic, which has become much harder now that we’re parents.

Closer‘ is the first single from the new album ‘New Eyes‘, due out July 15th.

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