Rodeo FM “All The Things You Asked For”

Independent, 2021

Rambling, laid-back retro 1970s country goodness. From Germany’s own Laurel Canyon.

Rodeo FM 2021 All The Things You Asked ForThis writer is of the firm belief that it is the darkest, farthest reaches of the Americana world that produces the most interesting music. These acts tend not to be concerned with sounding contemporary or commercial, they are just doing what they want to do, moulding their influences from the music they love into a ‘new’ original sound.

Step forward Rodeo FM, all the way from Berlin. To these guys, the early 1970s never ended, certainly not musically. They’ve a rich, layered sound – fiddle, banjo, mandolin, lap steel, acoustic guitar et al. rattle along together and it’s like there’s a dozen musicians playing on a tiny stage in a seedy bar  Still, it’s a laid back, Laurel Canyon-esque sound. Vocalist Pat Carter has a fitting, Neil Young like pained edge to his voice (though a little more tuneful)

Only five tracks to consider, so please excuse the floribund preamble. Opener ‘Worthless Gain’ has a big ‘Gentle On My Mind’ meets ‘’These Days’ vibe. A quality song. Second up, the titular track, ‘All The Things You Asked For’ is a little bolder, with banjo to the forefront. Rodeo FM’s compositions have that happy knack of sounding like songs you already know, but can’t quite place; a clever combination of influence and originality.

‘Shame, Shame, Shame’ has more of a Neil Young country stumble vibe. The brass instrumental break is a novel touch. The closer, ‘The Truth’, has trains running far, far away, fast-flying metaphors which lead us to some deeper understanding. Rodeo FM are plotting their own course from Germany, across Europe and to who knows where. They’re doing a fine job.


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