Sammy Kay “Letter To My Former Self” – here’s how it went kid.

Photo: Michael Kravetsky

New Jersey born Sammy Kay is a punk-rock-folk-troubadour, with a vocal style that defines gruff, with just a hint of Tom Waits.  And he has a new virtual single out, which includes today’s song which reflects on experiences gained, and things that got lost along the way.  Talking of things that got lost along away, all funds raised from the single will go to support Women Have Options Ohio a state-wide abortion fund in Kay’s current home state.  There’s no explanation attached to that decision – because no explanation is needed.  Remind me again, what century is this?

Sammy Kay started out dabbling in punk rock and soul music, he played in numerous bands in high school and would soon befriend King Django, a heavy hitter of ska and reggae music in New York City who taught him the ropes of the business when Kay was 16. His debut album, ‘Fourth Street Singers‘, arrived in 2014 and marked his distinctive style.  He says “I had always written songs as folk and turned them into whatever it was.” Whilst recording that album he decided to sober up, and before it was even mastered, Gaslight Anthem and Mumford & Sons offered him various tour opener slots.

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