Sara Milonovich & Daisycutter “Two Dollar Town” – Listen, it’s all true

Sara Milonovich says that ‘Two Dollar Town’ is “The story of many rural communities and a warning against greed; the greed of development and suburban sprawl that’s taking over so much farmland, as well as the greed of the military and pharmaceutical industries.  It’s a composite of several different stories, but every one is true… from the old farmers who watch the sunset, to the kids who leave home for college and never come back – from the vet who comes back from the Middle East with an opioid addiction and ends up OD’ing, to the farm that gets sold to the developer who only sees empty fields and not a life’s work in the crops growing there.

It’s a life that Sara Milonovich knows about – raised on a farm, taking up fiddle at the age of four and leading her first band at nine.  She left school at sixteen to hit the road with bluegrass band The McKrells. In 2016 she founded Rootstock (, a nonprofit music festival dedicated to supporting the next generation of farmers in the Northeast, in partnership with American Farmland Trust and the National Young Farmers Coalition.

Two Dollar Town‘ is taken from the album ‘Northeast‘ which is due out on June 25th.

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