Scree “Questions For The Moon” – wordless answers

Photo: Isaac Gillespie

Welcome Americana instrumental track groovesters to the latest entry in the Americana UK semi-regular mid-week mid-afternoon tuneful tune with no pesky words  – or, if you prefer catchy acronyms, and frankly who doesn’t?, the feature we refer to as AUKSRMWMATTWNPW as we shout out possible examples across the ever more crowded Americana UK penthouse office suite.  Catchy name that just rolls off the tongue, don’t it? Yes, from here we can see for miles and miles – and it is perfect for moon gazing.

Which nicely brings us to Brooklyn experimental band Scree and their new track ‘Questions for the Moon‘ taken from the album ‘Jasmine On A Night In July‘ which features nine elegant interpretations of American music – in places it is definitely what we now call Ambient Americana – showcasing the band’s virtuosity.  Scree are a trio of Ryan El-Solh, upright bassist Carmen Q. Rothwell and drummer Jason Burger.  Composer El-Solh has become increasingly influenced by Middle Eastern sounds, drawing on a heightened interest in his roots and there are times when the guitar work sounds eerily like an oud.

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