Sean McConnell “A Horrible Beautiful Dream”

Soundly Music, 2021

An album that will make an artist an Americana and Country Music star.

Artwork for Sean McConnell album "A Horrible Beautiful Dream"There are few albums that deserve a 9 or more. This is one of them. Sean McConnell’s latest is filled with song upon song of marvellously written Americana music, backed up by a voice that has the power to soothe the world.

It’s not hard to notice why McConnell is a grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and producer from the get-go. Many of the albums that have spawned themselves from songwriters who have been desperate to release music during the pandemic have disappointed. This album however does not.

I Still Believe In You‘ is the sort of uplifting track that you will wish you have had your whole life. The simple guitar works perfectly in elevating McConnell’s powerful vocals, where he tells the listener about how he is wandering through life, not sure what he really believes in, except for one thing- how he believes in you.

Price Of Love‘ offers something slightly different as beautiful harmonies allow McConnell to teach us about how being in love is everything, but it isn’t free and instead comes with a price – ‘nothing good comes for free honey, you’ve got to pay your dues‘.

McConnell has written for the who’s who of country music including Brothers Osborne, Tim McGraw and Brett Young, but this album has all the ability to establish Sean as a star among them all. ‘The Wonder Years‘ is exactly that kind of song to set him apart, getting himself into a little gap in the market as he blends the raw sound of Americana with the more pop vibes of Country.

Leave The Light On‘ brilliantly showcases McConnell’s excellent vocals and the song is much nearer a power ballad than anything else. It’s powerful and you can see it being played with a great orchestra behind him as McConnell loses himself on stage.

Overall, the album leaves little room for improvement. McConnell’s excellent songwriting match impressive vocals and harmonies, creating one of the best ‘lockdown’ albums that there has been so far.


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Kurt Prinz

I have yet to play cause I just opened the box but the aesthetics of the package are beautiful ! Love the colored vinyl .