Shayna Adler “Stagecoach Sally” – Listen

Shayna Adler’s new album ‘Wander‘ is a pretty unique concept – it’s takes a leaf out of the world of role-playing game’s in which the lead character navigates an imaginary world’  On ‘Wander’ Shayna tells a continuous story: following the journey of one woman through a more fantastical and wilder world than we usually imagine.

It’s a twist to the folk-rock sound of the album, and today’s song is a perfect example of this with a confrontation between a shotgun totting gal and a mysterious man with “earthquakes in his eyes“.

‘Wander’ saw Shayna Adler playing with a band of fine musicians including Johnny Stachela (The Allman Betts Band) on the slide guitar, Greg Leisz (k.d. lang, Bon Iver) on the guitar and pedal steel, Mario Calire (The Wallflowers) on drums and percussion, Sasha Smith (Sam Morrow) on the piano, organ and wurlitzer, Mark Christian (Merle Jagger, Heather Myles) on the guitar and bass. ‘Wander’ was engineered by Shayna Adler and Michael Dumas (Dwight Yoakam, Lucinda Williams). Humbled by an experienced team, Shayna notes, “this album is only as good as the people who played on it.”



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