Something for the weekend: The Beatles “Now and Then”

Well that’s it from us for another week dear reader. I was saying to an artist manager earlier this week how trivial everything seems at the moment compared with the daily appalling news coming out of Israel Palestine. We are a music-based website but one run by human-beings and given we have “America-” in our name, it feels important to completely distance ourselves from the outrageous position the US and indeed the UK government is taking of not demanding an immediate ceasefire. It’s not political, it’s kind of a basic given you would have thought – I mean don’t bomb anyone, no matter the provocation, but particularly don’t bomb kids and refugee camps.  If you want to donate to any charities supporting Palestinians through this terrible time there are plenty to choose from.

Tangentially related to this, Americana artist Hannah White’s album launch takes place at the lovely Bush Hall tonight. She’ll be joined by Michele Stodart on bass and vocals, Gerry Diver on violin, Lars Hammersland is flying over from Norway to play Hammond Organ, Emma Holbrook will be on drums, Daisy Chute on banjo and vocals and tantalisingly there’ll possibly be some extra special guests. All profits from the night will go to Unicef to help the humanitarian aid in Palestine. If you’re in or around London please do go along and support the evening – you’ll be contributing to a good cause and rewarded with great music at the same time.

Anyway, we leave you this week with, what else, the new song by The Beatles which you will have read about to saturation elsewhere no doubt so we won’t regurgitate the press release here. You have us – it’s not exactly Americana but hey we’re a Liverpool-based website, so we are obligated to mention it, and their influence remains unparalleled. I dedicate this to my good friend Barry Jones who I regularly meet for a very enjoyable cuppa in Strawberry Field! Take care everyone.

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Jonathan Aird

I’d heard so much about this in advance that I was half-dreading hearing the “finished” ‘Now and Then‘ – but, you know what? I’m pretty sure I really like it.

The full video is sort of sad – in the traditional sense of “not happy”. There were often hints of some sort of reunion that obviously came to an end in 1980…and even in a better world it probably wouldn’t have happened anyway…but, well, you know…