Songs for the apocalypse: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers “Walls”

It would have been Tom Petty’s 70th birthday yesterday and although a lot of the focus at the moment is on his 1994 solo record ‘Wildflowers’ due to its rerelease (we have a lovely piece on it in our Classic Americana Albums series tomorrow), one of the lesser known albums he recorded with the Heartbreakers was the soundtrack to the 1996 indie movie ‘She’s the One’ which was named after the Bruce Springsteen song of the same name. The film itself was OK but the soundtrack was blistering. Jeff Lynne made his mark on arguably the lead song from the film ‘Walls’ but the soundtrack album contained alternative versions including this one, number 3 apparently, which I still go back to often. That chorus. Happy boxing birthday Tom.

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Jonathan Aird

An overlooked gem of an album, and on some days Walls(No 3) is my favourite thing by Tom Petty bar none. ‘Asshole’ is another perfect song.

Trevor Hards

Jeff Lynne had nothing to do with Walls, it was Lindsey Buckingham who added backing vocals.

Andrew Riggs

+ Carl Wilson excellent album