Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 121

Time is the healer

Temper those expectations.

I may have mentioned this before and if I have forgive me. Three weeks ago i went into hospital to have a a knee arthroscopy and bone debriding. Yep, I know it sounds like nails going down a blackboard. After two years of knee pain and not being able to do stuff it was time. Op went well thanks and I was home the same day, and surgeon seemed happy when he spoke to me through the anaesthetic haze 5 minutes after I had woken up. To be honest he could have said anything, I was more interested in the colours swirling around the edge of my vision. It looked like a Jonathan Wilson video! So home and a little sore but not too bad. After a couple of days I’m moving around fairly easily and doing the exercises. After five days I’m thinking a walk may be the thing. It was and although a bit sore I’m thinking great it’s fixed. So last week 14 days after surgery I helped out a local bus company and drove buses every day of the week.

This week I’m in agony.

I blame the modern world. We have come to expect so much so quickly that our  (or my) common sense has headed out the window and been replaced by unfeasible expectations. We turn on a computer and expect everything to be loaded, all connections and downloads to be seamless [after this week’s site issues I definitely do not expect this anymore Jon!] We order shit online and expect the same day delivery FFS. If we need a map, it should be there on our phone – similarly, if we need a phone signal it must be there. And, in my case, if someone sticks things inside my knee and scrapes bones and cuts cartilage, I am still expecting to be able to do everything I did at 25 years old within 3 weeks… I am an idiot. But you all knew that.

So whilst I sit with my knee up I have been listening to loads of stuff. Particularly the new Michele Stodart which is just a delight although there’s some difficult material in there. And to brighten my dark mood and remind me of the anaesthetic, perhaps some classic John Martyn. Despite incapacity, I still managed to make it to the radio studio and this week’s offering features the new singles from Hurray for the Riff Raff, Brown Horse as well as Wilco, The Undisputed Truth, David Crosby and much more, less mistakes this week too and a photo dating back to 1989! Remember to enjoy responsibly and take whatever you want or need.

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Ah, get better soon, Keith!
Still enjoying the weekly broadcasts too, great stuff!