Sounds from beyond the Shed – week 29

Keep your masks on and carry on

Back on the wheel as the pandemic wreaks havoc in education.

After my brush with this horrendous disease I have returned to work, in a somewhat weakened state for now, to find the problem with absenteeism through Covid worse than ever. We have several staff off suffering and literally hundreds of students who have missed weeks or are currently missing. Lessons have to be taught in duplicate as every class has children isolating at home some of whom are well enough to participate some of whom are not.

And all the time we are hamstrung by the Govt. regulations that insist we cannot reintroduce mask-wearing etc. in order to protect our students and ourselves! Essentially, the policy is herd immunity using children as the vectors to enable this to happen.

On a lighter note, my own personal recovery was aided by several things, not least the constant messages from friends, but if I could single out one small act of kindness that certainly helped it was a delivery of gingerbread from the Grasmere Gingerbread company.

I cannot recommend this enough. Lucozade for grown-ups and as taste buds returned the flavour bloomed – lovely. Thank you friends. I promise next week’s column will be more upbeat!

Musically two weeks’ confinement give a lot of time for exploring tunes new (to me) and old. First up a rare deep cut from The Rationals, a revelatory psych cut from the West Coast then The Roches with their classic followed by a fine German TV cut of Van in his pomp (complete with foghorn!).




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