Sunny Gable “Contagious”

Independent, 2021

Memorable and enjoyable songs which display deft songwriting skills and musicianship.

Sunny Gable is a musician from Colorado whose third solo album is ‘Contagious’ which she recorded in her home studio.  Gable learned her musical trade learning the violin amongst other instruments, by playing in open mic sessions and with various bands culminating in her development as a solo artist.  Gable says of the album: “It is a mixture of new songs, written since my last release, and a few songs I’ve been playing with the band for a few years.” Contagious‘ nine songs are a mix of musical styles ranging from folk to county to rock with Gable demonstrating that she is confident outside of her previous more folk-based production.  Lyrically the songs draw upon themes involving connection, energy, and our place in the universe.  Gable is an adept lyricist who is able to convey universal messages creating tune with hooks and turns of phrases that burrow into your consciousness on repeated listens.

Contagious‘ – the first song on the album sets the tone with its focus on positivity and community (and aliens) with the lines “let’s just be kind, helpful to strangers, let’s take the time, break bread with our neighbours.”  Gable has a mellow country-folk tone and a style of songwriting that recalls Ani DiFranco with her phrasing and humanity.  ‘Hungarian Heart‘ is a straight-up rocker while ‘I’ll Fly away’ is bluegrass to its core with Gable’s soaring vocals matching the lyrics about mortality and escape.  Gable tells the story rather eloquently of a relationship in ‘Peaches’ from beginning to death using an analogy of the cycle of a peach tree and a life lived together.  The last song on the album ‘Bitch (Don’t Take My Seat)’ sticks out a bit.  Gable singing that she won’t take any shit from someone she views as being two-faced, lying, and manipulative, and lays down her warnings to the offensive individual saying the things that we possibly wish we had the courage to say when we have met similar individuals.  The lyrics are funny, forthright, slightly sweary, and catchy.

The album’s mix of song styles only adds to the enjoyment and warrants repeated listens.


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Mary Phillips

This is Sunny’s Mom. Great review, just wonder how you all came across Sunny’s music?