Susanna announces brand new collaboration EP

Photo credit: Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard

Susanna is releasing the collaborative EP ‘Elevation Extended’ on September 9th via her label SusannaSonata. The record features new music and a gorgeous new version of the title track, all recorded with herself, Stina Stjern and French artist Delphine Dora. The Norwegian artist released her highly acclaimed interpretations of poetry from ‘The Flowers of Evil’ by Charles Baudelaire called ‘Elevation’ in April, together with curated music by Stjern and Dora. The album was a follow-up to the 2020’s ‘Baudelaire & Piano’.

The three of us first met this spring,” Susanna says. “Despite the fact that we already had made the Elevation album together, that was some sort of a covid-recording, long distance exchange of music and files. So it was a joyous experience to actually meet in April and be in the same room. The result is this wonderful EP, and I am so much looking forward to play more together in the time to come.”.

Track list:
1. Come Avalance
2. Elevation
3. Alchimie de la Douleur
4. News to the Spirit
5. La Possédé

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