Pick of the Political Pops: Fleetwood Mac “Oh Diane”

There has been much talk, and indeed action, of late regarding an improving cultural awareness of the plight/circumstances/experience of certain members of our communities. This is very good and something the residents of Americana-UK Towers would support wholeheartedly. Now given the demographic of those residents its probably not something that most would have direct lived experience of. Couple that with the fact that many are not able to take the knee (since they would have difficulty resuming a standing position) and that we don’t really do statues (except for that nice one of The Editor in the entrance hall) we are still able to express our solidarity with our BAME brothers and sisters (an odd epithet which we’re not sure flies in, y’know, Africa or Asia). In that regard we take a brief look at an inspirational figure to people of all communities. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Fleetwood Mac “Oh Diane””