Genevieve Heyward “The River EP” (Painted Recordings, 2019)

“We are like a ship of dreams / Cracked and leaking at the seams / Slowly floating down the river,” Wisconsin musician Genevieve Heyward sings lazily on the opening of her new EP, pulling us in and making ‘The River’ a current we’re pleased to be swept along by. The second track, ‘Love or Lust’, is a standout. Its feet are rooted firmly in classic country – Heyward’s vocals bringing to mind the likes of Patsy Cline – but the lyrics are perfectly suited for the Tinder generation: “I’ve been used up and believed every line / Is it love or lust this time?” she asks worn down by relationships that go nowhere. Continue reading “Genevieve Heyward “The River EP” (Painted Recordings, 2019)”