Video: Jennah Barry “Big Universe”

This is lush, layered, timeless music from Jennah Barry.  The Nova Scotia-based singer releases her second album, ‘Holiday’, today.  The album title is a humorous reference to the long career break Barry was forced to take due to vocal surgery.  The album’s themes reflect that pause in her life and her recovery.  The video for the album’s lead single sees Barry getting ready to take to the stage and then performing alone.  She says: “I worked with three really great women on the music video and had a very life-affirming experience. We went overboard with a haze machine and created a storyline for a woman who plays big for no one.”

Jennah Barry “Holiday” (Forward Music Group, 2020)

Phrases like charming, lovely or sweet are deemed as virtual insults these days – anaemic praise for something soft or unconvincing – but Jennah Barry’s new album, ‘Holiday’, deserves all these descriptions in the most positive way. This is music that will wash over you like the warmest and softest of blankets highlighted by her warm and smoky vocals. Continue reading “Jennah Barry “Holiday” (Forward Music Group, 2020)”

Jennah Barry “The Real Moon” – Listen

Today’s song comes from the hugely talented Jennah Barry, of whom we’ll be hearing more soon, but who at the moment has this new single to beguile us with.  Produced by live-in producer Colin Nealis (of Andy Shauf fame), ‘The Real Moon‘ is a wonderful soft rocky- singer-songwriter gem.   Continue reading “Jennah Barry “The Real Moon” – Listen”