KaiL Baxley “Beneath the Bones” (Antifragile, 2020)

“I’ve been running for such a long time”, sings KaiL Baxley on ‘Beneath the Bones’, the title track from his latest album. Indeed, it seems that he has, having lived a life that is almost filmic; full of highs and lows, strange characters and, finally, redemption. When he was a child his father ran out on him and his mother went to prison. He was raised by his grandfather. He came to know James Brown as a child as Brown was incarcerated in the same prison as his mother. They used to sing in the prison church. Continue reading “KaiL Baxley “Beneath the Bones” (Antifragile, 2020)”

Track Premiere: KaiL Baxley “Stump Liquor”

KaiL Baxley has one of those incredible back stories that really are hard to believe.   From having dance offs with James Brown,  to being an aspiring US Olympic boxing team member who lost his way on that path after a run in with the law.  He has a gunshot wound in his left shoulder, as a teenager he got by working two jobs –  digging graves for the local funeral home and working the watermelon fields of his hometown in the rural South Carolina heartland. Continue reading “Track Premiere: KaiL Baxley “Stump Liquor””