Kory Quinn & Co “Blue Mountain Blues” – Listen

Kory Quinn had his latest release ‘The Blueroom‘ a couple of weeks back, and it features Kory (obviously) and the splendid harmonica playing of David Lipkind.  The album has a song called ‘Bound for Glory‘, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Kory Quinn is working in the tradition of Woody Guthrie and Ramblin’ Jack. You can even find pictures of Kory and Jack together on Kory’s website. Continue reading “Kory Quinn & Co “Blue Mountain Blues” – Listen”

Kory Quinn & Co. “The Blueroom” (Independent, 2020)

It’s a bit of a challenge to pin down exactly where Kory Quinn is from. Most signs point to Portland, OR but there’s a Twitter account that says Chicago and a Soundcloud page that points to Houston. If it weren’t for the troubles unique to the present moment, he would have spent the past weekend celebrating the release of his new album with a show in Florida. If you didn’t do any outside investigating, you might conclude that Kory is from Oklahoma thanks to a sound that is part Woodie Guthrie and part roughneck. It seems appropriate that it is tough to pin down the singer’s geographical roots because the songs are those of a troubadour, a wanderer, someone who has put in the time and traveled the miles to be able to take the pulse of the nation, deliver a diagnosis, and hazard a prescription. Continue reading “Kory Quinn & Co. “The Blueroom” (Independent, 2020)”