Mock Deer “The Art of Loneliness” (Independent, 2020)

‘The Art of Loneliness’ is an ambitious album from London-based Mock deer, also-known-as Ricky Damiani. The sound is fuller and more expansive than earlier EP releases and Damiani’s writing has grown during the long period leading up to this first full-length collection. The songs are personal, emotional commentaries on a range of themes, from human connections and the isolation that can result from the way we use social media through to Damiani’s reflections on death: “Come with me // Into the sea and shed no tears no // Just outstretch your fingers and let go.” Continue reading “Mock Deer “The Art of Loneliness” (Independent, 2020)”

Video Premiere: Mock Deer “Twisted Forms”

‘Twisted Forms’ is the first single from Mock Deer’s forthcoming album, ‘The Art of Loneliness’, to be released on 14th February.  Through the song and video, Mock Deer (also known as Ricky Damiani) addresses the impact of social media on our lives and examines the nature of human connections.  Continue reading “Video Premiere: Mock Deer “Twisted Forms””