Nicholas Altobelli “Vertigo” (Dalton Records, 2019)

“My name Nicholas. I write sad songs”. It’s an honest salutation written by the man himself on his Bandcamp page. And if first impressions stick, it seems to be the light in which Altobelli feels comfortable being illuminated; read past interviews and a certain self-deprecating melancholy figures almost as much as people conversant with his music throw in Woody Guthrie as a comparison and reference point. Continue reading “Nicholas Altobelli “Vertigo” (Dalton Records, 2019)”

Nicholas Altobelli “Red, White And Blues” – Listen

Nicholas Altobelli has  been through some changes in recent years – a divorce, a return to college for a degree in literature, and now working as an educator.  This didn’t leave much room for music, but four years since his last album he’s returning with a new collection of songs ‘Vertigo‘ which is out at the start of August. Continue reading “Nicholas Altobelli “Red, White And Blues” – Listen”