Pond Diver “Look Around” – Listen

Pond Diver add another taste of their ‘Flashbacks‘ EP, today’s track a slower and more meditative song than the previously featured ‘Over the Hill‘.  It’s a sad reflection on a relationship that has come to an end with a final sad parting.  Continue reading “Pond Diver “Look Around” – Listen”

Pond Diver “Flashbacks EP” (Independent, 2020)

Well, well, well, just occasionally something floats into the inbox that holds the attention and makes the misery of the post-Brexit world disappear into the ether. Pond Diver ( name needs work I respectfully suggest) are just that thing with their new EP. Coming from the thriving Muscle Shoals scene they kick off with the luminous ‘Loosen Up’ which springs from some beautiful guitar shapes and tones and sports a gorgeous vocal turn with production featuring organ and bells and whistles to spare. Continue reading “Pond Diver “Flashbacks EP” (Independent, 2020)”

Pond Diver “Over The Hill” – Listen

Naturally every track in this section is carefully handpicked to please you dear reader – adding to your musical enjoyment is what we’re all about.  However, some are more equal than others – and we have  feeling you’re really going to like Pond Diver.  Pond Diver hail out of the legendary Muscle Shoals Alabama music scene and for their debut EP ‘Flashbacks‘ they’ve collared some local help to fill out the sound. Continue reading “Pond Diver “Over The Hill” – Listen”