Ralph McTell extends Streets of London

These are not normal times, that much is for sure.  And in these days of self-isolation Ralph Mctell has asked his listeners to consider the plight of those who can’t self-isolate: how do you stay at home when you have no home?  It’s prompted the folk singer-songwriter to do what he has always refused to do before – add a new verse to ‘Streets of London.Continue reading “Ralph McTell extends Streets of London”

Pick of the Political Pops: Ralph McTell “England”

Well that, in a sense, is that. As you read this piece you will either be preparing for the party of your lives or hiding in your metaphorical beds hoping it will all just be a bad dream and you will be free of the torment when you wake up. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Ralph McTell “England””

Ralph McTell, Royal Festival Hall, London, 13th December 2019

Ending the year with a concert to celebrate his 75th birthday, it was Ralph McTell plus a lot of friends at the prestigious Royal Festival Hall for an event that was definitely not your usual Ralph McTell gig. In fact this was a triple celebration – McTell has recently released ‘Hill of Beans’, his first studio album for 9 years and which had also seen him reunite with Tony Visconti as producer and string section arranger. That last would be quite significant on this evening. The new album meant new songs, albeit that some had been knocking around for years before getting their full studio recording, and the set list was peppered with what might be regarded as “deep cuts” from the McTell catalogue – songs that are unlikely to be on the average “best of” collection. On the whole these songs tended to emphasize McTell’s more nostalgic and romantic side. Continue reading “Ralph McTell, Royal Festival Hall, London, 13th December 2019”

Ralph McTell “Hill Of Beans” (Leola Music, 2019)

Ralph McTell has notched up more than 50 years as a recording artist, and in that time has released over 50 albums with ‘Hill of Beans‘ being the latest. It’s his first solo studio album since 2010’s ‘Somewhere down the Road‘ although McTell hasn’t been unproductive in the last nine years with a slew of live recordings, guitar “noodlings” recordings and a brace of albums recorded with Wizz Jones – the appropriately entitled ‘About Time’ and ‘About Time Too’. ‘Hill of Beans‘ fits in as very much a continuation of the kind of music that featured on ‘Somewhere down the Road‘ – stories and remembrances both historical and personal and often both at the same time mixed in with carefully observed cinematic scenes such as ‘Gammel Dansk‘. Continue reading “Ralph McTell “Hill Of Beans” (Leola Music, 2019)”

Ralph McTell re-releases “Streets of London” for Crisis

Singer-songwriter Ralph McTell has re-recorded his classic song ‘Streets of London’ with a choir made up of clients from Crisis – the national charity for homeless people – and guest vocalist Annie Lennox, to raise money for the cause in the run up to Christmas.  First penned 50 years ago, the single shares its birthday with Crisis, whose 50th anniversary also falls this December. To mark the occasion, Crisis’ homeless clients and staff from across the country came together to form an 88-strong choir to sing alongside McTell and Lennox. The choir was conducted by Only Men Aloud’s Tim Rhys-Evans, while the recording also features Fairport Convention’s Richard Thompson on guitar. Continue reading “Ralph McTell re-releases “Streets of London” for Crisis”