Interview – Sam Lee: “I had no intention of becoming a musician”

Sam Lee is more than just a singer or a song-writer. He is an artist who draws together a range of interests and projects, giving them meaning and purpose. From artists’ rights to a love for the natural world, Lee seeks to raise awareness and make a difference. Through lecturing, broadcasting, performing and working with various organisations, he gets involved. He’s a busy man. More than anything, he is a collector of traditional folk song, taking something old and refreshing it for a new audience in order to give it life. Continue reading “Interview – Sam Lee: “I had no intention of becoming a musician””

Video: Sam Lee “Lay This Body Down”

A beautifully directed, artistic video complements this excellent new song from Sam Lee.  His vocal range and characterful voice are real features of ‘Lay This Body Down’, which is taken from his third album, ‘Old Wow’, released at the end of January.  Produced by Bernard Butler (Suede), these songs sound deep and lush.  They often focus on the challenges facing the natural world; Lee is an environmental campaigner as well as a superb songsmith.  Look out for shows across England throughout February.

Sam Lee “Old Wow” (Cooking Vinyl, 2020)

It has to be admitted, Dear Reader, that this writer isn’t a great fan of the folkier end of the ouvre. However, this writer isn’t an idiot (generally speaking) and can tell a bloody great record when they hear one. Which is what we have on our hands here, with Sam Lee’s ‘Old Wow’. This writer will elaborate. Firstly, Lee has wrangled Elizabeth Fraser in to providing more than just backing vocals – she is rare indeed these days, and is rarely anything other than brilliant. Continue reading “Sam Lee “Old Wow” (Cooking Vinyl, 2020)”

Sam Lee Announces new album and new tour – All is new

It seems that everything Sam Lee attempts turns out to be just a little bit magical, and both his reinvention of Folk Song and his rededication to the craft of capturing songs from their Traditional singers has worked to prove the truth of that statement.  There are only a few musicians in any generation that really bring both a new musical ear and also a deep appreciation of the source material to bear on English folk, and Sam Lee is one of those few musicians. Continue reading “Sam Lee Announces new album and new tour – All is new”