The Lowest Pair “Shot Down the Sky”

The Lowest Pair are Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee, and they bring to banjo led folk that essential ingredient of strangeness – anyone can sing of the world as it is but it takes someone special to pull out the fundamental peculiarity of life.   And ‘Shot Down the Sky‘, the third single from The Lowest pairs’ latest album ‘The Perfect Plan‘,  is an exemplar of this. Continue reading “The Lowest Pair “Shot Down the Sky””

The Lowest Pair, The Green Note, Camden London, 22nd April 2018

With the feel of a 1960’s coffee shop music parlour, the Green Note in Camden is surely one of the shining jewels in London’s musical crown. Priding itself on the intimacy between artiste and audience and for providing a rare outlet for less mainstream acoustic musical styles it was an appropriate final stop for The Lowest Pair on their Spring tour of the UK. The duo comprises of Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee, both playing guitar and banjo and trading vocals; hers an achingly beautiful distinctive tone that complements his smoky delivery to perfection. Continue reading “The Lowest Pair, The Green Note, Camden London, 22nd April 2018”

The Lowest Pair + John Alexander, The Fallen Angels Club @ The Admiral Bar, Glasgow, 5th April 2018

It was Greil Marcus who coined the phrase, “old weird America” in his book, Invisible Republic, when discussing Dylan’s touchstone, the Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk music, describing the songs therein as, “palavers with a community of ghosts”. There was an element of this musical version of a séance when The Lowest Pair (Kendl Winter from Washington State and Palmer T. Lee from Minneapolis) descended on the Fallen Angels Club for a banjo infused evening (although acoustic guitars were also brandished). The pair both have string band backgrounds but as a duo have concentrated on the banjo studying clawhammer and three finger techniques while also delving into American roots music. The band name is a nod to a John Hartford song, Hartford being one of their banjo heroes and like him they inject their old time music with a great deal of their own personalities. Continue reading “The Lowest Pair + John Alexander, The Fallen Angels Club @ The Admiral Bar, Glasgow, 5th April 2018”

Interview: The Lowest Pair

Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee, collectively known as The Lowest Pair, made quite a splash last year when they released two albums simultaneously. Uncertain As It Is Uneven was a continuation of their previous releases as a banjo playing duo while Fern Girl & Ice Man employed other musicians to create a fuller band sound with both albums maintaining their interest in traditional American roots music. Both musicians had solo careers and backgrounds in playing with string bands but when they met up in 2013 they recognised their shared interest in traditional banjo techniques and started to share bills before formally setting up the band. Since then they’ve released five albums and toured relentlessly across the States and starting this week they embark on their first UK tour. 24 shows over the next month including a stint at The Shetland Folk Festival and a show at Edinburgh’s Tradfest along with a long sweep through England and Wales. Continue reading “Interview: The Lowest Pair”