The Lowest Pair “Shot Down the Sky”

The Lowest Pair are Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee, and they bring to banjo led folk that essential ingredient of strangeness – anyone can sing of the world as it is but it takes someone special to pull out the fundamental peculiarity of life.   And ‘Shot Down the Sky‘, the third single from The Lowest pairs’ latest album ‘The Perfect Plan‘,  is an exemplar of this.

The duo took some time out before making the new album, Lee naturally went to a cabin in the woods to write in between chopping wood and pumping water – whilst not to be outdone Winter headed for a research station in Antarctica, and whilst there set a new record for women in the Annual South Pole Marathon.  How this all relates to ‘Shot Down the Sky‘ we’re not sure, other than the evocation of open spaces and “stars in our eyes and the wind in our hair“.

Photo: Sarah Kathryn Wainwright

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